Why Fake ‘Fans’ Hurt Your Business

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Why Fake ‘Fans’ Hurt Your Business

Why Fake ‘Fans’ Hurt Your Business

A lot of us have social media accounts in which we spread the word of our business through social media platforms. What I have seen a lot of times is that some people and businesses acquire fake fans. Now there is plenty of places where you can get this done. There are loads of people who can get you hundreds of fans/followers for your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook – whichever platform – for less than $5!!

This is not ok, and I’ll tell you 3 reasons why.

Reason #1:

What happens if that the social media platform has a formula that they use to display
your post to your followers. More and more now its moving towards a pay-to-play model. An
example with FB is that they’ll display your fan page posts to 10% of your fans. But, the number of
people who see your posts will vary depending on how much engagement you are getting – so how
many people are interacting – how many are sharing, liking, retweeting, commenting – all those
things you can do in the wonderful world of social media!
So, if you have a lot of fake fans who really have no interest in who you are or what your business
offers, there is a very low chance that those people will interact with your information. That is seen
as your posts are not valuable, since no one is interacting when in actual fact, they’re not engaged
because they’re not targeted correctly.

Reason #2:

is that when you promote a post or you advertise to your fans (which is what I
teach you should do) is that you are paying money to have your post to be shown to those people
who have no interest in what you’re saying!! Its a total waste of money, plus it will reduce your CTR
(Click Through Rate) which increase your costs of advertising so it does not make sense at all.

The #3 reason…

is that I teach m and I hold myself accountable to this is that in business, as in life,
we should be true to ourselves. If we are honestly and genuinely doing this, then buying fake fans
does not fit in this category.

It is a form of deception and its all for show. Its like the people who drive flashy cars and wear high street clothes that are all purchased on credit that they can’t afford to pay – its all fake.

My advice to you regarding buying fans is “Don’t Do It!!”

Don’t get into the trap of feeling like you should start your business with hundred and thousands of fans. Personally I am building my fan base organically and the people who are joining me are those who are actually wanting to hear
what I have to say. Not only is it good for the 3 reasons I’ve already mentioned but its good for my
psyche, and long term business acumen, It makes me feel satisfied that I am connecting with and
helping those people who want to hear what I have to say.
There are many ways to build your fan page. For more training on the best ways to get more fans
to your page click here, and for other ways to showcase your business click here.
Remember, this is YOUR life – you have total control over who you are. Each minute, hour and day
make up how that looks.

Make today count.

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