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Transform Your Life – Before 8 o’clock In The Morning

Transform Your Life – Before 8 o’clock In The Morning






This morning routine is going to blow your mind – and even better – will transform  your entire life! At least that’s my experience – and also with my team members who have learned and implemented it too.

Taken from the book by Hal Elrod, called The Morning Miracle, this is a habit you can form to follow every morning. The best part is that you can customise it to your timeframe – beliefs – needs – and goals.

The important part is that you actually do it! 


Grab yourself an accountability partner, and get started – TODAY!

It’s easy to say that doing certain things can transform your life – and it sounds a little trite to even write it. The thing is, what have you got to lose? The only down side to doing these things is that you might miss hitting the snooze button! Seriously though, there’s a LOT of benefit to doing this – give it a try. Make a commitment for the next 30 days to set your alarm one hour (or half an hour) earlier than you’d usually get up.

I know its not easy with your family, and responsibilities… my kids get up and see me doing this, and sometimes join in right alongside – what great role modelling!

There’s an easy acronym so you can remember what to do (especially if you’re half asleep to begin with). After it becomes routine you will get into your own groove and won’t need a reminder…

Think of it as your LIFE SAVER…

S is for Silence (may mean clearing your mind, meditation, prayer, quiet contemplation). This can be a time of gratitude.

A is for Affirmations (these can be life goal/s or may change out depending on your day’s plan)

V is for Visualisations (make sure you embody the feeling of what you’re visualising, as if its already reality)

E is for Exercise (do what you can, and remember that you can build up slowly)

R is for Reading (read a set amount, that is do-able, and let it be something that inspires you)

S is for Scribing (a private time where you can write out any thoughts, learnings, something you want to recall, or plans)


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