The Targeted Lead Generation Funnel

The Targeted Lead Generation Funnel

The Process To Connect With Your Perfect Customer



The face of marketing has changed. No longer is it acceptable or effective to simply slap up an ad, and send a person directly to the sales page, and have the person buy outright.

In the past, advertising was this simple but people have become more sophisticated and savvy so require to be treated as such.

Often the internet has depersonalised the human interaction so your goal to stand out as a marketer is to make that connection with a person online, just as you would do if you met that person face to face. And by adding in extra value, with the personal touch, you will make a stellar connection with your perfect customer – from the get-go.

The targeted lead generation funnel that is taught in this video steps through how to set up exactly how to generate a targeted lead. It definitely takes extra effort but the benefits are worth it.

When you follow this targeted lead generation funnel, you’ll end up with a person who:

  • is more committed to you
  • is more educated
  • identifies you as an individual

These all lead to a better and more highly targeted lead – and for the best type of person for you to join your business.

The great thing is that you don’t need thousands of these leads per day – you just need as many as you need to hit your numbers!

If you like this type of training, and feel you’d like to get more like this, then I do invite you do join our Inner Circle, or VIP coaching that can be found here. When you join, you’ll also get my extra help, which I give to my team.

This is when we go deeper into the mechanics of how to do set this all up, so if that’s something you feel could help you out, please join us

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinion on this topic, and to hear how you’ve implemented the targeted lead generation funnel.

Please comment below.

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