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School Lunch Ideas



The other day a friend of mind asked what on earth she can put in her children’s lunch box. Her daughter has been begging her not to give her sandwiches (hmmm…isn’t it cool how intuitive children are!?)

Lunches are kind of a struggle, right? I mean, unless you do go for the stock standard fare of sandwiches. It was what I ate when I was growing up, so it should be fine? Not necessarily. The reasons are plenty and the will be the topic of a whole post on its own. Anyways, I started to jot down some ideas of what I put in my boys’ lunch boxes, and figure you  might be interested too…

        • vege sticks with some dip (guacamole, hummus)
        • kebabs – anything on a stick is fun – use lots of colours; veges, meat, cheese
        • meatballs with toothpicks and some sauce or dip – they LOVE this cos its fun!
        • sausages
        • sausages cut in half and melt some cheese on top
        • boiled eggs
        • devilled eggs
        • sliced cucumber or carrots (we call sliced carrots ‘golden coins’)
        • can make little hors d’oeuvres with above slices and tomatoes/cheese etc (let them ‘build’ them at school
        • hamburger patties – these pre-cooked and thrown in are great. Can make a lettuce wrap and skewer with toothpick for a pseudo burger – call it something fun and they love it!!
        • can use lettuce like a wrap and fill with mayo, meat, salami, avo, tomato etc
        • make thin crepes out of egg whites and a bit of coconut flour. Use as a wrap. Fill with lettuce, tom, avo, chicken, meat, bacon etc etc
        • the new recipe I made for Alex’s party was egg and cream cheese ‘buns’ with filling – boys loved them
        • my little one’s fave lunch is always easy – carrots, avocado, yoghurt. Can add seeds, salami, raisins to change it up
        • almond or coconut muffins – pretty much like the bread recipe but with a bit of honey, and flavour eg berries, carrots, cinnamon, apple, yoghurt
        • leftover dinner (this is a fabulous option cos its ready to go – just remember to make a little extra)
        • mince with guacamole
        • any vege medley with lots of colours so it is pretty when they open it (peppers, tomatoes, beans, peas, cukes, carrots etc)
        • yoghurt
        • waffles
        • pikelets
        • ham roll ups
        • sushi made with grated cauli (easy and yummy)
        • can do homemade seed crackers
        • cheese (real cheddar, not processed – wrap in paper to prevent it drying out)
        • quiche (can make in muffin shapes, or make a big one and freeze in slices)
        • chicken muffins – chicken, broccoli, carrots in muffin tin
        • soup
        • lasagne
        • pumpkin muffins
        • chicken or fish nuggets
        • latke (zucchini and eggs fried kinda!)
        • lara bars (dates, seeds, nuts, coconut oil in food processor and can bake for a bit, or just leave in fridge)
        • chicken drumsticks
        • mini pizzas
        • fruit


The way I look at lunches is the same as any other meal…’what goodness is there in the food’.
If something is nutritious, it gets to go in the lunch box. Think protein, fat, colours – and fresh is always best.
Hope this helps and gives  you some ideas. Please feel free to add your fave lunch box ideas in the comments section below.


All the best


PS I can see that I need to add a recipe page to my blog and get these recipes on it. Check back since I’ll be updating this. Of course, I will prioritise any requests!  😉



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  • sharon troncoso

    love your lunchbox ideas ! thank you

    • Shelley Belcourt

      You’re welcome! Please give me your faves too

  • Sharon LJ

    My 14 year old son has asked me to not send sandwhiches anymore, he’s been having fresh dark green salad with cubes of salami and fetta and an orange already sliced 🙂

    • Shelley Belcourt

      Brilliant. Love it!

  • Samantha T

    Thank you for so many good ideas for lunchbox! Can’t wait to try them! Another possibility is rice cakes – can be filled in with cream cheese, smoke salmon and other vege 🙂 Enjoy

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