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Fruit Sorbet – home made, preservative-free and oh so yum

This is the second in my series about making delicious home made ice cream desserts that are healthy and taste divine. Jump to here for my ice cream recipe Not only is it delicious, its easy and [...]

Chocolate Chip Ice-cream – preservative-free, sugar-free – super easy.

Are you getting sick of all the ingredients in ice cream? This home made recipe is super simple to make and tastes great. GAPS, SCD, primal friendly

Shepherd’s Pie aka Cottage Pie recipe- Paleo,SCD,GAPS friendly and super delish!

  OK there are just some recipes where you just hit the jackpot – and this is one of them. Not only does everyone in the family love this dish, its easy to make, super- nutritious and I can [...]

Big Pharma – The history of Pharmaceutical Companies (Pharma-Cartel)

OK this is definitely a controversial topic.  😮 Big Pharma as Pharmaceutical Companies have a very powerful effect on our health environment. Without us really knowing, the medical model has been [...]

Mother’s Day Lunch

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing ladies out there. I hope you got some love and appreciation from your special ones today. I was sent this quote and feel its well worth sharing with [...]

Toothpaste – the nitty gritty truth

  There are so many little things I look to break the mould of my past habits. So often all that happens is we keep doing what we’ve always done – most of the time we do things [...]

Earthing / Grounding – what the heck?? And why the heck???!!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this concept which is not at all new, but is creating a bit of a buzz around the traps… Grounding, or some call it Earthing. To cut to the chase (and [...]

Trick or Treat?

Recently a friend of mine saw that I wouldn’t let my children have lollies (candy) at a birthday party. “Surely one isn’t going to hurt him?” She said. “Actually, it [...]

Nasty Food Additives to Avoid

Next time you are opening a packaged food check out the ingredients label. If any of the following are present, think twice before you buy that brand again. COLOURS Artificial 102    tartrazine [...]

Everyone smiles in the same language

I had a valuable lesson yesterday about how my attitude and approach can have a huge affect on a situation. This is a short, but really good story which helped set me back on track …  

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