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Mercury-laden Fish

For anyone who has been pregnant you can probably remember those moments when you were suddenly put on an enforced-diet-restriction…no ham, no fresh cheese, no salad bars, and definitely [...]

Sugar the Bitter Truth – Part 2

One of the first things I came across when looking deeper into sugar was a long and detailed YouTube videos by dr Robert Lustig. In his presentation he discusses the role of sugar on poor health, [...]

The Bitter-Sweet on Sugar

Don’t be fooled – if a food product label says its low fat, it’s gonna be laden with sugar to give it some taste. Why would that matter? Sugar is known to have many undesirable [...]

Gummy Bears – GAPS/SCD/Paleo friendly

Its funny how things happen. For some reason the other day my boys were asking me to make some “healthy gummy bears”  which I thought was a sign of how far they’ve come – [...]

Feeding The Parking Meter Technique – How to get the best out of your time with your kids, and still get things done

Have you had one of those days when the kids are just driving  you crazy? Its this constant nagging, and following you around, and whinging and whining – its enough to make even the best of [...]

Green Smoothie

There is a tonne of chit chat and many recipes for the mighty green smoothie. Because I don’t consider myself a real foodie I don’t want to go reinventing the same recipe. My aim for [...]

Pizza base – gluten free

I love pizza. My husband used to be a pizza chef and makes the best pizza. Going grain-free meant we had to cut it out of the diet but I found some great recipes online that I have now adapted to [...]

Starch-free stir-fry with faux rice

One of my favourite, and easy meals is my version of what could be called a Chinese stir fry. I call it that loosely because in reality it might offend the Chinese. When my Dad died, and my [...]

Birthday Cake – Ice Cream cake – with recipe!

Its birthday-season in the family, which I have to admit puts quite a lot of extra stress. The whole party thing is loads of fun but does impact the troops quite a bit since it is sooooo [...]

How to Connect With Your Child

  10 Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child “We need 4 hugs a day for survival.  We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” — [...]

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