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The Power of Beliefs

Changing your beliefs may not be easy, but it has a huge impact on your world. Find out more...

Minor Tweaks Make A Big Difference

I love Wednesdays – in the last few months I’ve put aside 2 hours for myself!! Its excellent to do this and I can highly recommend it! So I prioritise my Wednesday mornings to play [...]

The Cure Is…

To live with 100% health and vitality is a lofty goal. Many of us search for it for a lifetime. You see some people thrashing their bodies everyday at the gym, or those counting every calorie [...]

Faux (cauliflower) mash

Faux cauli mash is quick to make and much better for you than mashed potatoes. It will fool anyone!

The Philosophy of my 6 year old

Imagine if we all developed the attitude of "using our brains", and "saving our money"!

Healing can be like a fine wine

It takes a body a long time to get to a state of chronic illness, so we shouldn't expect healing to happen overnight - like a fine wine, it takes time to heal.

Just for a laugh – a girl’s story of childbirth!

Laughter is the best medicine and this story will give you a giggle...

The Dirty Dozen and The Clean 15

Yesterday I posted some thoughts on the organic vs non-organic debate. In that ideal world some are searching for, it would be great to be able to eat local, organic food – grown and [...]

Eating Organic Food Is a Waste of Time

“Organic foods are a waste of money” – at least that is what a recent study from Stanford University has been reported to have found. Now, we do have to be a little careful [...]

What Special Someday Are You Saving For?

Do  you sometimes get to the end of the week, month, or even the end of a year and realise something is still “yet to be done”?? I think its true to say we all can heartily agree that [...]

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