3 Time Savers For More Efficiency In Your Home Business

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3 Time Savers For More Efficiency In Your Home Business

3 Time Savers For An Efficient Home Business

Getting your business online seems like a big deal but it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think!
There are many components that you need to consider but not all at the same time!!! For me, I have
always like to do things “the easy way” which also means planning and preparing ahead of time.
When I was a nurse I used to work on those long wards that felt like forever, especially on the
graveyard shift! As a new graduate nurse I learned the skill of compartmentalising and forward
planning – mainly to save my legs from extra walking, but also to make me more efficient and
For example I would pack my pockets or stack a trolley with all the things I thought I would need for
that particular bunch of patients in the room or area I was heading to. I would bundle the tasks
together to save time and meet the needs of my patients in the quickest way.
Marketing is much like that, I have found. What I do is that I group the needs of my market and
deliver that information either one by one, or in a group setting.
The key factor here is that I plan ahead and know who I am helping out at that time, and what it is
that they need. If you’re not at the stage where you have a team yet, you can still work on things as
they come up in your own learning. Remember, everyone has to go through the process of learning –
just like you’re doing.



So the first trick is that every time I learn something new, or have a question asked of me, I put it in print – it might be a blog post, a video, an FAQ section on my site or in a folder on my computer.
You can bet your life that someone else is going to ask you that question again at some point, and to
save you time you can point them to the place you’ve created – and who knows – that person might
just keep poking around and learn a whole bunch of other things while they’re there! If you’re just
getting started this might feel a bit OTT but I promise you that its worth it – you’re in business for the
long haul, right? This comes into play further down the track and if you start today, you’re gonna
thank me in a year’s time 🙂



The 2nd major saver of time is to create archives of things you want to reference again later. You’ve
all heard of that fantastic website for doing that job you need doing – its just that you can’t remember
it now…right?! I use a cool app called Evernote (http://evernote.com). Its like one giant folder that
acts like my memory – but it gets stored in the cloud. I use it for EVERYTHING. I create a few
different notebooks to keep categories separate but other than that I simply throw all my information that I
want to retrieve again into it. Whenever I need to find something I use the  ‘search’ function and up
pops my data! I highly recommend you go download it for free.



The 3rd time saver tip I want to share with you today is batching your posts and emails. Did you
know that on social media sites, you can schedule your information to be sent out at a certain time –
that you dictate?! The business you’re creating is so you can have a better life, right? Batching your
information means you don’t have to be a slave to your marketing. Yes – it will take you time, and
effort, to get it all set up – but this is your business – it just doesn’t have to be your entire life. So, what
you can do is schedule your posts/emails once a day, or you can do it once a week. Your information
will go out at the time you’ve chosen – and it might look like you’re always present for your fans –
meanwhile you could be off doing yoga or playing with the kids! Take the time to go into your social
media and auto-responder and learn how to do this – its well worth it.
And I hope you’ve enjoyed learning these 3 time saver tips and if you would like to see my timesaving
lead capture pages that are already set up for you go check them out at ShelleyBelcourt.com/capturepages.

They’re totally free to use.
I’d love to hear what time savers you have, or if you decide to take up my suggestions – please
comment below.

Remember – this is YOUR life – YOU have total control over who you are. Each minute, hour and day make up how that looks.

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