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Leading by Inspiration

We had a bit of a late night last night – the boys got to bed a bit later than usual and it was a ‘school night’. So when I heard them bouncing around the house talking at the upper-range of their voices and it wasn’t even 6 am, I was less than impressed. 😈

I can hear the collective groan of all you parents – you know where I’m coming from right?!  😉


Needless to say that set the tone of the morning. And the tone was dissonant, to say the least! My grumpiness soon translated into them getting grumpy, which meant things didn’t get done…etc, etc…you know the drill.


Through my still groggy head, a little thought voiced itself saying…”Shelley, stop getting cranky with them“. Soooo, I took in a big breath and decided to give my conscience a whirl in the front seat. I calmed myself down, got down at their level and told them we needed to restart the day, and to work through our tasks, one at a time.

Lo and behold, it WORKED!!! We all started to focus on what we needed to do to get out the door, and the morning changed tone – for the better.

So I started thinking about the benefits of being an inspriational mother, rather than a disciplinarian. Big words, but basically put its to be responsive rather than reactive. When I took the time to “be the adult”, I took time to clear my head, and get out of the muck. What happened when I did this?…

It showed my boys how to behave.


To be able to inspire our children, when they are young, I believe its to show them how to manage themselves in a situation. Its to allow them to see a way to “be”. As they mature, to inspire your children is to give them the tools to take responsibility for their actions, to show them how to live for a purpose. We can talk, and talk, and shout, and get frustrated at them all we like, but actions, and teaching is far more potent since it hands them the keys, and puts them in the driver’s seat of their life.


Our children want us to guide them, teach them and give them boundaries – thats what makes them feel safe. Its the way we do it that makes all the difference. Like my big boy said to me recently “Mama, I’m only little, and I’m still learning”. I need to keep this forefront in my mind that they are still learning, and they don’t need me getting cranky with them to teach them the lesson – I need to step up, so they can follow.


As my boys grow they continue to teach me so much about life, and about myself. For that I am so grateful.


I hope this helped you out – I am really interested to see how you feel about this. How do you inspire your children? Please leave your comment in the comments section below.




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