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I’m a Crystal Child, not Aspergers!



Lately I’ve been widening my focus on healing my son. In the past several years we have done extensive work using nutrition, behavioural therapies, and body work (chiropractic, osteopathic, kinesiology etc)

Not everything we’ve tried has been a total success but overall most things have shown improvements – even if in a small way. The change in his health, and behaviour have been awesome and though we still are progressing through, we can say he is a completely different child to when we first started on this path.

Anyway – I’m digressing about what I want to say!

Late last year our son became fascinated with crystals again. He has shown an interest previously, but something sparked him into a frenzy and he dived into studying all about crystals, and he felt impelled to spend all his pocket money on buying them. It was quite good timing since for Christmas we were able to buy up large on books and crystals, which he was ecstatic about.

He’s learning all about the properties the crystals hold – how they emit certain frequencies and how they impact on us. One day he was feeling really sad so we went to his room to choose a crystal to help him feel better.

What happened completely blew me away…he put his hand over his collection and without touching them he was feeling their vibrations! I watched as he selected a few that were “calling to him” and he placed them over certain parts of his body.

This amazed me because I have seen healers doing this exact process – and have admired the ability to do this. My son has never been exposed to this process before – what he was doing was what came naturally to him.

The effect on him was undeniable. His whole demeanour changed and his spirits were lifted – I’d say it took around 20 minutes of having the crystals he’d selected on his skin.

While researching I came across the book by Doreen Virtue called The Crystal Children

I absolutely cannot put this book down. It’s truly riveting. It’s pretty ‘out there’ but I absolutely cannot deny that this describes my son and thinking about it puts goose bumps on my arms!

In a nutshell, the author discusses the concept that there is a new generation of children being born who are highly psychic and sensitive. They are thought to be telepathic and can communicate without the need to talk. These children have a special gift which is to teach and prepare the rest of the world for change – for evolution – to make the world a better place.

Interestingly their attributes of being sensitive and telepathic can look like Asperger Syndrome, autism or ADHD. This is because they don’t feel comfortable in their human body – find the physical stimulation over-aweing, and don’t see the need to speak, if they can communicate in other ways.

For more information watch this short clip for a more in depth explanation of The Crystal Children  

If you  have a child who has one of these types of diagnosis, or who you feel is a bit different, extra special abilities, I’d encourage you to get your hands on this book The Crystal Children. It really has fascinated me, and is another part of the puzzle of helping me understand our son, and helping him towards achieving all that he needs to in this life.










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  • Kitty Cheng

    Wow your son is a crystal child. It’s so special that you and your son has become aware of his gifts.

  • Elisa Carter

    This is truly amazing. When my son was about 1.5 years old. My husband and I were at a Home Show at the Orlando Convention Center and I was walking around with my son on my shoulders when a woman came up to me and said “you have a crystal baby” and asked me if I was aware of what that meant. I was not and she told me to look it up and went on her way. I looked it up ans was truthfully terrified by what I read. I am a very spiritual person but the idea of my son having these super human abilities was frightening so I dismissed it. When my son was 6 years old he was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD and we have struggled so much with trying to help him “fit it” to this world of ours. In the meantime several other people had brought to my attention that they did not believe that my son had these disorders but felt that he had the ability to communicate with the spirit world. Now I find myself reading this article you have written and for the first time am learning that there is a coorelation between “crystal children” and the symptoms of aspergers and ADHD. Both of my children are remarkable but there are things that my son has done over the years that makes me wonder if this could really be what is going on with him. Thank you for this article and I look forward to talking with you more.

  • Sara T

    This is an amazing post!! So cool, how your son’s intuition helped him pick the crystals!
    I have heard of crystal children before, or indigo children, from a doctor I was seeing for awhile. I expressed to him my sadness in wanting to have children, but not wanting to bring them into our chaotic and crazy world. He told me how the crystal children are souls whose job it is to change the world. They come here as old souls, destined to change what is unbalanced.
    I think my son may be this type of child. Not sure but I think so.. He’s been sensitive from the beginning, and often asks about a noise or voice I don’t hear.
    Very interesting!!!

    • Shelley Belcourt

      Thanks Sara.

      My advice would be to expose your son to crystals, and just allow him to sense the energy – I was totally amazed at what happened. We have a huge crystal collection now, and several ‘crystal Bibles’ which he often turns to when he needs it


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