How To Create Your Own PTM (Perfect Team Member)

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How To Create Your Own PTM (Perfect Team Member)

When I first started with a networking company, I was over the top excited about the product – so
much so, that I felt the need to tell EVERYONE about it, and that also went for the business
opportunity that went along with it!!
It’s hardly going to surprise you when I tell you that my over-exuberant approach fell on its face as
spectacular as my enthusiasm was…and along the way I embarrassed myself and those I was
cornering 😮
Because I didn’t know any better I kept trying variations on the same theme …with the same
results (isn’t that the definition of madness?!)
Thank goodness for my naturally in-built determination (my husband calls it stubbornness!) I kept
at it – and didn’t give up. Finally, one day, I came across a coach who’s teaching totally transformed
my approach…
She told me this…
“If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no-one”
Now, this may be the first time you’re hearing this – and it might seem a little strange. After truly
understanding it, this makes total sense of why my results had been so rubbish…
In my marketing, I had been trying to talk to everyone – all at once.
The crucial point here is that you need to identify exactly WHO it is that you’re talking to.
I liken this to standing in a crowd of concert go-ers shouting out that I’m going to the gig – NO ONE

Of course you’re going – that’s why you’re there!!! In fact, its likely that no one even
listens!! There’s too many distractions and its the wrong place, and definitely the wrong message!
On the contrary, lets say I was at a concert in a foreign country – lets pick Rome! And I’m standing
there shouting out something in English. Do you think the other people who speak english will hear
me? Too right they will!
The beauty of working online is that you have access to hundreds of thousands of people – in fact –
millions and millions!! Narrowing it down to a specific group means MORE people will hear your
message, not less.

If your marketing message is targeted, the people you are aiming for will be far more
receptive. They will feel like you connect with them – like you already understand them. And you
know that trusting someone is a major step that needs to happen before a sale.
It’s a crucial step to define your target. Once you have done that your marketing becomes a whole
lot easier because you are using the exact language, the thoughts, desires, needs of the person
you want to be attracting. I highly recommend that you use this in every single piece of marketing
you do from now on.

Do NOT miss out this step of defining your audience – know who they are,
truly understand them.
What I recommend is that you write it all down on a piece of paper and keep in arms reach of your
computer and refer to it any time you write any piece of marketing, whether it be an ad, a post, a
blog, a video, and email – always, always, always be writing it for that particular audience.
You can even narrow it down to one person – and give that person a name. You can pretend they
sitting at the desk right in front of you as you create your marketing information. Literally write as if
you are speaking directly to that person.
So I hope that has helped you as much as its helped me in my business. If you want more training
on how I find my perfect person now that I know who that is, then go to
Remember, this is YOUR life – you have total control over who you are. Each minute, hour and day
make up how that looks. Make today count.

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