Healing can be like a fine wine

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Healing can be like a fine wine

Did you hear the one about the country bumpkin who took his family to the big city for the first time? Lost in a strange place, he stopped in front of a multi-story hotel building. Father and son went inside to get some directions.

Standing in the lobby, they were looking around for someone to ask. They spied a kind-looking old man with a cane and started toward him. They drew back, though, when the wall opened up for him! They watched in amazement as the wall closed, numbers above the opening grew larger then smaller, and the doors opened again. Out came a young man in confident stride and business suit. “Son, wait right here,” said the farmer. “I’m going to get in that thing!”

I have to admit to feeling that way sometimes. I just want healing to happen – and I want it to happen NOW.

The truth is that some things take time. It would be my dream come true if I could wave a magic wand and my children (and me) could be healed in an instant – if only I could find that elevator to walk us into – that would pop us back out fully healed!!

Change can happen quickly but often thats the first step, then, like peeling off of an onion skin, other improvements take place. In our instant gratification society we want things to happen, and we want things like, yesterday! We get discouraged pretty quickly if we have to wait for change to happen. When it comes to the body, you can’t always see the changes happening. The truth is that it may have taken a long time for the problem to come about, so we might expect the solution to manifest similarly. The sad thing is that our children didn’t get the chance to be healthy in some circumstances they were born that way due to things that went on previously

My strong belief is that the body has an innate intuition on how to function in the most magnificent way. When we mess with nature – in so many ways – we mess with the delicate balance of life. But even in its intricacies, it is strong and will heal given the right environment and opportunity.

Each time we make a positive change we are moving in the right direction. In the same vein, each time we choose something thats not good for us, we move away from healing. There comes a point when the accumulation of positive changes will result in an obvious improvement – this is what makes it all worth it.

Keep making the little changes – the ones you know about, and learn about – and soon enough it’ll be like the country bumpkin coming out of the elevator dressed like a millionaire!


To your improving health




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