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Granola aka Muesli Recipe

Having some good alternatives for breakfast other than the boxed cereals you can buy (where the box is more nutritious than the contents!) is a must. I keep expanding my repertoire for ideas for meals that:

  • are nutritious
  • fit my eating plan
  • are easy
  • are quick
  • are delicious

Granola Museli

This is too good not to share. I came across the best recipe for making granola aka muesli that will satisfy the toughest of critics.

It’s gluten free and fits the likes of paleo, SCD, GAPS eating plans – and anyone wanting a lovely, healthy alternative for breakfast.

I hadn’t tried a toasted recipe for a while and miss that nutty flavour that you get.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can adapt it to your tastes and needs. There are some nuts we can’t have, nor can we have cinnamon, and I plain forgot to add the coconut to mine – and it still tastes delicious!!

See the recipe for yourself:

Thanks Lauren from Civilized Caveman Cooking 🙂




  • Mary

    This looks soo good!!

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