Fruit Sorbet – home made, preservative-free and oh so yum

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Fruit Sorbet – home made, preservative-free and oh so yum

This is the second in my series about making delicious home made ice cream desserts that are healthy and taste divine. Jump to here for my ice cream recipe

GAPS, SCD and Primal friendly

Not only is it delicious, its easy and saves money and the big plus is that you can make up whatever flavours or types you feel like right there and then! So you can be like the fairy godmother when it comes to dessert – and it takes minutes to make!

So, lets check out how to make a sorbet.


  • Fruit – works nicely with most summer fruits – peaches, nectarines, mango, berries. (Can also do your favourite combos)
  • Ice

“Um…aren’t you missing something Shelley?”

“Nope – thats it – truly!”

If you just want something really light just get out your blender (if you are in NZ call Mike McLay and tell him I sent you) add roughly equal amounts of fruit and ice. This can be done ahead of time and frozen, or right on the spot – my preference is right on the spot – best texture.


For those of you who like it creamy I modify this by adding to the blender:

  • Frozen fruit
  • Cream

This is my personal favourite cos I like any ways of getting more fats in.

My latest is that I buy a whole fresh pineapple and cut into 1/4 or smaller – depending on the size of your pineapple and your family – then store in the freezer. When the request comes in for pineapple ice cream, I grab a chunk and blend with approx the same amount of cream. It comes out like soft-serve ice cream and I have not had one complaint yet! With the added cream this can be done ahead of time and frozen – just remember to bring out ahead of time so it softens. Without all the additives, it doesn’t roll well if its straight out of the freezer.

If you want it firmer, the things you can do is

1. Add less cream

2. Add more frozen fruit

3. Chill down the cream in the freezer ahead of time

4. Add in a couple of blocks of ice before blending

Some of us aren’t able or choose not to eat cream. If this is you just replace the cream with coconut milk. I haven’t actually done this so you might need to experiment a bit with textures, and let me know.

For me, the most important thing is that my important critics are kept happy…

Delicious home made sorbet


Please let me know if you come up with any combinations or flavours that you have discovered. I tend to use my “tried and true” ingredients so can get a little stuck in a rut! I am always up for trying new ideas but the creative juices aren’t always flowing, so please post your ideas or feedback in the comments below. I haven’t done so much of combining fruits, other than berries, but am sure this would be a good idea also.


I did try this with some chocolate and pineapple (sounds good right!) – well don’t bother trying – it curdled the mixture and rendered it inedible, despite my valiant attempts to eat it


Yours in Health



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  • Gabby Hogg

    hmmmm I so must give this a go. hmmmm i have thought about blending up coconut milk and fruit to make a ice cream/sorbet. hmmm experiments here i come.

    • Shelley Belcourt

      That sounds good Gabby – if you eat coconut oil that might work to give it extra fat content. Let me know how it goes


  • linda stephens

    Hi hon, how are you? I just watched a Four Corners show screened on the ABC here all about the latest ‘theory’ that gut microbe problems could trigger/worsen autism. Thought of you and what you’ve done with Cruz and so am visiting your site for first time (so sorry its taken so long!) I’ll spend more time on it soon, but having just read this post re sorbet remembered that I used to blend frozen ripe bananas to make a wonderful ‘sorbet’. Add any other fruit ie strawberries, blueberries etc for other flavours. Add chocolate for a fab choc/nanna version. I’ll have to do this again!
    Lots o love to you xxx
    PS – well done, great site – you are amazing!

    • Shelley Belcourt

      Hey Linda – yes have that show marked down to watch. So pleased this info is coming into mainstream – makes me feel less of a freak! I totally believe in fixing the gut to heal so many problems. Looking forward to your feedback – keep it coming!

      Thanks for the extra tips on the sorbet. My kids just love it when I make them!! And they’re so easy too xx

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