Earthing / Grounding – what the heck?? And why the heck???!!

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Earthing / Grounding – what the heck?? And why the heck???!!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this concept which is not at all new, but is creating a bit of a buzz around the traps…

Grounding, or some call it Earthing.

To cut to the chase (and if you can’t be bothered reading thru this blog post!) what it means is that ya go outside and put your bare feet on the ground (or grass, or rock, or in the water). Do this and it will make you feel better.


So if you’re busy – that’s it in a nutshell.Don’t forget to go stand outside with your shoes off! If you want more detail keep reading.


There are many proponent to this concept, and with good reason. Dr Daniel Chong has some great info on his site. There has been a lot of research done which have shown that the benefits of earthing are real physiological effects, as well as the emotional/mental benefits.

The surface of the earth has continuous never-ending supply of ions that are conducted through out bare skin. The ions are absorbed by the trillions into our body as this contact happens. We all intrinsically know this – think about that lovely feeling you have after some time on the beach – or a sit down in the park. Children most definitely know this since their natural inclination is to take their shoes off and run around. I know this may differ for our guys with sensory issues, but maybe their gig is water, or autumn leaves. Whats cool is that science is also agreeing and showing its benefits!


Clint Ober’s website has a comprehensive list of the scientific research backing earthing. He’s also written an excellent book called Earthing.

This is a summary of the benefits the research shows from grounding:

  • better sleep
  • speeds up healing time
  • dampens down electromagnetic effects from computers, TVs, phones etc
  • reduces stress
  • has a calming effect
  • super powerful antioxidant effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • has a thinning effect on the blood by preventing stickiness of the red blood cells
  • only beneficial affects seen – no negative side effects!
  • traditional and ancient civilisations always wore bare feet indicates they knew it was beneficial
  • normalise cortisol rhythm and melatonin secretion (to make you more energetic during the day and sleepy at night)

The best time is in the morning when the dew is still fresh on the grass. And of course, swimming in the ocean or a river is even better since your whole body is submerged. Encourage  your children to take their shoes off and get outside. Its fresh air, exercise as well, on top of all these other benefits.


If none of that is enough to convince you – go and try it. Go out onto the earth with no shoes. After ten minutes evaluate how you feel. Go on, what have you got to lose?!

When you’ve done that, please write in the comment section below what happened for you!


Happy earthing!

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