ADHD meds – ritalin, adderall – is it worth it?


 ADHD meds   ritalin, adderall   is it worth it?

Is it worth it to use ADHD meds? A study was done that followed pre-school children over a six year period has reported to have shown that a whopping 160 out of 180 children continued to meet the criteria for moderate to severe ADHD.

What this is saying is that ADHD meds such as ritalin or adderall DO NOT alter the long term outcomes.

I would like to go on record to set something straight here – my intention is not to come across as judgemental towards parents who make the choice to go down the medication route. The last thing I want to do is cast judgement on someone else’s parenting choices. Goodness knows you don’t need any more of that (and neither do I!)

My point and desire is to help get the word out that there is an alternative – you do have other options. I am acutely aware that there are many, many times that parents feel there is no choice – that nobody understands – and that is a dark and lonely place to be. Often it’s the culmination of everyone else’s opinions, and the feeling that you are going to tip over the edge yourself, that we reach out for what feels like the only choice you have.

ADHD meds definitely do have an impact in a child’s behaviour and demeanour. During those times when nothing else is working, it may even be useful to use medications until you can stabilise yourself and the situation.

Meds should not be seen as a long term solution.

What the meds do is alleviate the symptoms – it’s the same as we are all accustomed to in our fast-paced world – if we have a headache, we pop a pain pill and just keep on with the day. Wouldn’t it be better to stop and delve into what is causing the headache?

Could you not also apply the same concept to our kids – why are they acting out? What’s going on in their body that is making them behave so off the chain?

I refused to believe with my son that his bizarre behaviour is normal. Getting to the bottom of it is the goal. To me, this is the only solution – a true, long term solution. Once the imbalances are discovered and corrected, then and only then, can the true personality and soul of that child shine through.

Think for a minute what it must be like for them – to have no control over what they do or say – to always be in trouble and get told off day in and day out. No-one was meant to be like that, and I know for sure that it is a great relief to them once they regain their own control.

Every person has the right to be the best version of themselves. For some of us, there’s a ways to go before even getting to the start line..

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