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ShelleyBack in “the day”, I structured my life so that I used to work hard and save my money for 6-12 months, then I’d take off by myself to some exotic location (or continent) in the world and just hang out and explore! I was ‘lucky’ to have managed myself into the enviable position of having a job that enabled me to work in some pretty cool places. I was a registered nurse – meaning I could work AND travel at the same time!! It was a blast, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I learnt heaps. I had fun. I fulfilled my passion to travel and meet people around the world.

The most common question I got asked was “How do you do it? Don’t you get scared?”My answer was always “Well…Yes, and No”!!

Sure it was scary to pack all my worldly possessions away and just be left with one backpack to tote. But what I did, was I just made a decision, booked a flight, dealt with the details – and pretty much let things fall into place!

The crux of my response was that I made a decision. At that point, the deal was already done in my mind. That’s still my MO (method of operation) to this day. Sure, now that I’m older, and have kids, I do have to fill in the details a bit more before I get started with something, but essentially its the same game.

To me, being an entrepreneur fills my need to be in control of my destiny. I believe in shaping my own life rather than letting it take me along for the ride. We continue to live in the ‘glory days’ with all that we have available to us. I feel blessed to live in a beautiful country like New Zealand, with my incredibly supportive husband and 2 gifted boys.

My aim is to provide information, training and support if you are someone who wants to make improvements in your life. For now, I’m focussing on helping people get their business rocking online – to make the most of the age we’re in!

Another passion of mine is healthy body and mind, so you’ll find that I slip in quite a bit of that. the great thing about this website is you can pick and choose what interests you. I’d love to be an inspiration and motivation in your life, if you feel we are a good fit, then please fill in your name and email so you can get all my updates. 🙂

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