5 Reasons Not To Use FaceBook Group Auto-Posters

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5 Reasons Not To Use FaceBook Group Auto-Posters

5 Reasons Not To Use FaceBook Group Auto-Posters


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I really don’t promote the idea of using Facebook Group Auto-Posters as a main method of lead generation for home business.

The 5 reasons are:

  1. Posting in a group is simply not targeted. There’s a certain amount of targeting that can be done, but the manner in which the tools serve the messages mean that one message is served to all the groups. This disables the possibility to individualise the message to each group.
  2. People in active groups often see a message that smacks of being auto-posted – and the reaction is to complain, or respond negatively – this is NOT good for the business person trying to get their message out
  3. Often I see groups that are filled with people who are not active, but simply go to the group to post. This means often people aren’t there to read messages that are being posted!
  4. This style of lead generation is simply not a long term lead generation strategy
  5. There’s a high chance that this method will end up in your Facebook account being banned because of the reactions it will cause, which totally opposite to what you’re trying to achieve.


The alternative is to build an organic, targeted audience. Provide this group with value and over time they will establish a trusting relationship and want to work with you.

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