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How To Create Your Own PTM (Perfect Team Member)

When I first started with a networking company, I was over the top excited about the product – so much so, that I felt the need to tell EVERYONE about it, and that also went for the [...]

3 Time Savers For More Efficiency In Your Home Business

3 Time Savers For An Efficient Home Business Getting your business online seems like a big deal but it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think! There are many components that you need to [...]

Why Fake ‘Fans’ Hurt Your Business

Why Fake ‘Fans’ Hurt Your Business A lot of us have social media accounts in which we spread the word of our business through social media platforms. What I have seen a lot of times is that some [...]

Easy Cookies

This easy cookies recipe is great - the perfect recipe to let your children make - with the opportunity to create your own delicious flavours

Sex vs Ice Cream, Or Can You Have Both?

If you thought you had to choose between sex or ice cream, think again. This ice cream recipe is known to boost sexual desire with 1 - 2 hours of eating it!

This video made me ROFL!!!

This light-hearted parody about living with allergies

Granola aka Muesli Recipe

This is one of the best paleo breakfast granola (aka muesli) recipes I have come across

Our Experience of Treating Depression – From The Inside Out

Is your child depressed? Treating depression can be done without pharmaceuticals. Read this beautiful story of how our son manoeuvred through his episode of depression.

I’m a Crystal Child, not Aspergers!

What if the behaviours of your child are not Aspergers, Autism or ADHD? Maybe, just maybe there is more to this than we understand?

ADHD meds – ritalin, adderall – is it worth it?

If ADHD meds aren't working, why do we continue to give them? A sensitive look and discussion into the explosive topic of medicating our ADHD kids

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